We design and build concrete skate parks since 2006.

We can provide complete services related to the implementation of skate parks.

In the initial phase we focus primarily on the skatepark design and subsequent preparation of project documentation including geological exploration of the area.  In the implementation phase it is above all construction site documentation, earthwork execution, terrain modelling and fabrication of the often atypical reinforcing.

Last and the most important phase of the construction is the casting itself, which is carried out by the Shotcrete technology - i.e. spraying the concrete onto the prepared complexes, where the concrete is processed and smoothed by hand. The entire construction process is finished with the handover to the investor and the grand opening of the skatepark.

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If you have decided to build a skatepark we have some information that will help you to acquaint with this field.

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We have completed the following concrete FIVERAMPS skateparks since 2006 in 30 cities in 3 countries.

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