About Us

On a business trip to the Mecca of skateboarding - USA at the trade fair World of Concrete in Las Vegas in 2009 we met with professionals constructing  skateparks for companies such as California skateparks and Wormhoudt, Inc. and learned new methods in technologies of wet concrete processing. We purchased the SCHWING SP 500 concrete pump which, unlike the gunite, has a high power output without losing the quality of the concrete mixture and moreover allows its user to realize larger concrete areas.

Up until today we have been realising our skateparks by the American way, using shotcrete technology and manual smoothing of the concrete, which allows us to be more creative in the implementation of unusual concrete units and obstacles. Using this technology, we have already built two large concrete skateparks with a floor area greater than 1500 m2 in the Czech Republic, three in Slovakia and two large concrete parks in Poland, in particular the in-line park in Rzeszow with an area of 2400 m2, which annually hosts the Polish Championship finals in freestyle in-line skating.

In addition to that, also more than 20 medium and small skateparks, that you can see in our references, in designs like Skateplaza and Flowpark Bowl. We often consult the design of our skateparks with the leading Czech and Slovak riders. Maybe that is why there are annual national championships in skate boarding, BMX and in-line skating, held in the FIVERAMPS skateparks in all countries we have operated so far.

In the upcoming years, we would like to focus on the use of coloured concrete, concrete decor technology and under favourable conditions also on involving elements of garden and urban architecture into the design and construction of our skateparks.

The skatepark in Vrbno pod Pradědem, which we built in 2014, fully meets the above mentioned elements and is perfectly integrated into the natural composition of Jeseniky and it may be said that it complies with our future vision of modern skateparks.

How to prepare a project

Are you interested in information regarding the preparation, planning or constructing of a skatepark in the land register of your town or village? What do you need to do, what documents are needed and how to plan the entire project?

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