Types of skateparks


These skateparks are popular with the majority of users. Their shape is inspired by the city. The design tries to replicate elements of urban architecture and movables and therefore one can find there stairs, benches, railings, walls and flower pots. 


The concept of these parks draws from the history of skateboarding. Skateboarders favourite pastime was riding in drained garden pools. Larger BOWL parks work with this idea. They are composed of several interconnected pools of different sizes and shapes. On a limited budget or lack of space skatepark may also be designed and built only as a small pool.


As the name implies, this type of skatepark allows a smooth ride between street obstacles and all of that without taking off! This is done by variously curved surfaces and radii. Typical elements for the FLOW park are for example SNAKERUN and CAMELHUMP.

We can design

and build whole sport facility as well as a single obstacle.

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Examples of skateparks of various sizes (according to built-up areas)


This may be a suitable solution for smaller municipalities, in case of a small space or a limited budget. This size is also appropriate for expanding existing leisure time areas or as an initial phase in planning a larger skatepark. In the skatepark project we recommend a combination of several street obstacles  (CityLine), which has lower demands on installation space or a bigger pool (Bowl). It is suitable for riders on skateboards, BMX riders as well as inline skaters.

500 - 1000m2

We recommend choosing this size of a skatepark especially when modernizing an old skatepark or as part of a larger sports complex. This size already allows limited combination of obstacles from various types of skateparks(PlazaFlowBowl). Such skatepark can also be designed in a way that respects the nature character of the place (NatureGrab) and it can also revitalize disused urban areas (CityLine).

Over 1000m2

These large skateparks usually developed as a part of the concept development of the city based on urban studies. They are conceived as a part of larger zones for sport and recreation, mostly on the surroundings of natural parks or in parks. skatepark can be divided into different zones according to user groups (BMX, skate, inline), or by ability level (beginner zone, intermediate, expert). skatepark can also be used for major social and sporting events.

Read more about how to locate the skateparks: CityLine a NatureGrab.